Our Restaurant

Our Food & Drink

Welcome to the Fish and Anchor, where you’ll find a friendly and cozy atmosphere to enjoy our delicious food. Our most popular dish is our homemade fish and chips, a timeless favorite that truly represents the essence of our pub.

Our fish and chips are served with a generous portion of peas and our tangy tartare sauce, a classic pub accompaniment. The combination of the crispy fish, perfectly cooked chips, flavorful peas, and tartare sauce creates a delightful blend of tastes that you’ll want to savor over and over again.

To complement your meal, we offer a wide range of drinks, including smooth cask ales, refreshing lagers, and a variety of fine wines and spirits.

At the Fish and Anchor, we are dedicated to providing fantastic food, delightful drinks, and creating memorable experiences. Join us for a taste of tradition.

Sunday Roast

The best part of our menu? It's got to be our Sunday Roast. Made with lots of care, this tasty meal gives you the real comfort of home cooking. We invite you to come and enjoy this classic dish with us – a perfect end to your week!